Silvana & Thomas

Silvana & Thomas had no previous conception – they simply wanted to say the “yes” word and an outdoor wedding in a Mediterranean environment. The objective was to have all friends and relatives around for four days at the wedding in Mallorca. We offered the bridal couple a romantic agritourism hotel in Mallorca, which they found perfect and immediately fell in love with this location. An agritourism hotel is a hotel business of a particular type. With 25 double bedrooms, we were able to accommodate all the wedding guests here. The day before the wedding we planned a “get together” in the form of a sociable BBQ. The idea came because the bridal couple had long lost sight of some friends. The joint game on the terrace of the hotel with the astonishing sight of the Mallorcan mountains turned out to be fantastic. Everyone was relaxed on the wedding day, given that they had already exchanged many old memories the day before. All guests already knew each other on the wedding day and the mood was fantastic.

As a wedding destination, Mallorca offers not only beaches, but also a mountain landscape that´s unbelievably beautiful and relaxing. Selecting the wedding location is important, right when the bridal couple is looking for quietness and also when they want to be around their old good friends. This is the reason why we find locations that are customized for you and your desires. It´s about just leaving one´s cares behind and spending some days in Mallorca with good friends. A perfect condition for a successful wedding in Mallorca.

Not every wedding requires an elaborate flower decoration. Take that which is given at the site and place it accordingly in the public eye. Even to the smallest detail, such as a water fountain with mini toes can catch one´s attention.


The wedding dress is and will continue to be the most important detail on every wedding, be it on a wedding celebrated in Mallorca, Formentera, Marbella or even in Ibiza. Each bride is unique and every bride has clear ideas or desires as to how they would like to appear on the scene. We are readily there to help out with our creative ideas and consultation. A little preparation is needed though so that from the moment we meet the bride, we can be able to give her recommendations regarding her hair, make­up or even the bridal bouquet. This bride in particular had a wonderfully young appearance, even though she´s no longer 20 years of age. We made her long hair loose, which favored her appearance. Even though this was asmall detail, she thanked us enthusiastically because it represented so much.

The bridal bouquet is an individual issue for every bride. Every girl or woman has a preference for flowers. Simply said, in this we all make no compromises. We love flowers and everyone has their preferred one. It is essential that your predilect flower be reflected on your wedding and wedding anniversary. Silvana loved red roses. I saw her young elegance and it occurred to me that since she liked wearing pearl necklaces, why not also integrating red roses with white pearls? The conglomerate beauty of red roses with the detail of pearls recreated the perfect bridal bouquet for Silvana.

Something old and something new – a popular custom in weddings. I believe it´s simply wonderful to keep tradition. Perl earrings owned by the family and a beautiful bracelet from a special jeweler from Mallorca. A perfect, sober and elegant image.

What are you waiting for?

Every wedding is unique and so will yours be. From our very first conversation we come up with what´s important for you both and how your dream wedding in Mallorca or our other locations goes about. Get to know us!

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