Andrea & Roccy


Our friendly bridal couple Andrea & Roccy also chose a finca in Mallorca as their wedding venue. They, together with their relatives, first had to travel there and enjoy the finca themselves. We came up with a bright idea, according to which the bridal couple and their closest family circle were to arrive to this beautiful finca, forget about the common stress at the pool and finally spend a relaxed day, in order for us to organize the party with family and friends. We found accommodation directly near the finca for the bridal couple friends. At wedding day, all guests were picked up and taken to their accommodations with a transport company and all of them were right on time and happily welcomed with splendid style at the finca. To welcome guests, we served a selection of Spanish tapas, beer wine from a bodega and of course non­alcoholic beverages. It all turned out great and guests were super happy while joyfully waiting for the bride.

Our friendly and cool team of hairstylists and make­up artists were commissioned from the finca by us. Both bride and groom shot a whole making­off assisted by the photographer directly on­site. I introduced Roccy and Andrea to our top stylist Alex on the site. Alex is from Team Moure, this Salon is located in the cool hip neighborhood of St. Catalina of Palma. Andrea was instantaneously impressed from the nature and fast perception of Alex. Roccy let his beard be trimmed and was brought in top shape by Alex. Good vibes were felt all around the finca and everyone seemed be relaxed and in a happy mood!

The finca we presented to Roccy & Andrea was considered as absolutely perfect by them, with a huge pool area nicely overlooking the landscape of Mallorca. It was really love at first sight! No one gets disturbed by such a location, where one can dance until sunrise and this was also a condition for selecting this finca. Our DJ Mat was in charge of the music atmosphere and displayed a variety of music according to the guests´ wishes. The entire pool area was illuminated with the bride´s colors in pink, of course. She got what she wished for and it all looked really amazing.

After the ceremony, our team took care of the guests so that Roccy & Andrea could also have 40 minutes to calmly disappear for the photo shooting. They both wept when I showed them the pictures …


Unser Motto lautet: „we cook what we have“. Innerhalb unserer Dream-Destinations (Mallorca, Formentera, Ibiza, Marbella & Barcelona) However,most wedding venues are booked out and all wedding decoration such as furniture, flowers, etc. is built up for one day and later dismantled again. For instance, in this finca, beautiful white chairs were already available. Same were integrated into the ceremony and later positioned as a set­up for dinner. It all was super well received.

I accompanied Andrea & Roccy for a whole year. From the beginning they trusted my expertise and my team and I were able to crystallize their ideas perfectly well. Trust – a wonderful compliment. One year of preparations, long and also humorous talks on the phone, visits from service suppliers, food trials for catering, change requests even when these were made on short notice, everything was done so that Andrea & Roccy could really enjoy their day – and they did enjoy it, because they knew that they had a really good team backing them up. During the wedding day, everything also ran smoothly with the guests, just as the bridal couple imagined their wedding to be in Mallorca. I thank you, Andrea & Roccy!

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