Louisa & Timo

Behind this bridal couple hides a particularly beautiful story. Louisa & Timo wished to get married in a finca in Mallorca. Louisa is known from the TV and film industry and Timo is an outstanding business manager. They both had little time to look around and absolutely no idea as to how an outdoor wedding in Mallorca could be organized. After contacting me over thephone through my­wedding­cafe, I was informed that I only had 6 weekstime to organize the appropriate catering, a suitable location, DJ and the whole wedding decoration. I usually spend a long­time with the bridal couple for the preparation, but anyway, I accepted the challenge and perfectly put it into action! After a couple of telephone calls with them, I was able to quickly imagine what was ahead of us. Louisa & Timo entrusted me alone with the whole planning. I still kept in touch regularly with the bridal couple. We exchanged ideas for the wedding decoration, went through the catering process and much more …Upon a fast consultation, then followed communication with service providers and finally service was immediately booked. The bridal couple was always kept informed about the current situation and thus was able to relax and enjoy their wedding days in Mallorca.

Louisa showed me a Whats­App picture of her wedding dress for the outdoor wedding in the finca. A mix between a boho wedding and a purer cooler elegance. I was able to have an idea of the bride´s whole image through telephone calls and many photos. She was cool and casual but with a managerial look. I wanted to tease her with the idea of the “girl inside” – a combination of an elegant boho wedding dress together with a floral crown on her hair was exactly the way I saw her... Louisa rediscovered herself again in this style and was more than happy. Thanks for your trust!


White and light pink, those were the bride´s preferred colors, as well as a bit of fairylike green and the decoration for the wedding table was perfect. We placed many different flower containers that were round, square, tall and low and filled them with flower decorations for the bridal table. We decorated the white Chiavari chairs with a white sober and elegant touch. The hippy inside has grown up – that´s the BOHO Style.

Out photographer, who was selected by Louisa, placed a small detail perfect for the set …Callas are perfect for an elegant boho wedding.

This time, the bridal couple didn´t want to be seated with their backs facing the wedding guests and so we placed the specially decorated chairs of the bridal couple facing the guests. To go with the overall picture and also for the audience, we organized a marvelous moderation, just as seen on TV and film.

Some would maintain we are a couple of freaks because we give attention to EVERY detail. Of course, our staff is always ready to answer questions but the signpost: “where to find the way?” isn´t only useful, it´s also a particularly beautiful wedding decoration for either a wedding in a finca or at a beach club.


We chose a really nice finca inland of Mallorca. There were 8 double bedrooms and 2 premium “out of Africa style” marquees so that 20 guests could have the possibility of sleeping at the finca. There was also a huge common kitchen for collective breakfast, it was all simply perfect. The motto was: “hippy & easy going”. To go with that, the bridal couple chose a long blackboard directly by the pool. Of course, the weather in Mallorca played along and so the ultimate dinner set­up was served. With light chill­out music during dinner and the speeches of thanks by the bridal couple and guests, the atmosphere we had could best be described as: “I´ve got the feeling…it´s a big big night”. Let´s start the party! And so it was…


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